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High quality translations
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As a linguistic service provider, Liaisons allows you to forge new bilateral and even multilateral relations with companies that are working with you in the same sector of activity but speaking another language. In addition, you will be able to conquer new markets by speaking the language of your client in order to achieve your goals.

With a fast execution, a faithful transmission of the information and a professional treatment of your projects, our professional linguists will be happy to work for you. All you have to do is choose the language service that’s right for you.

Global linguistic coverage
Experts in 8 languages spoken by more than 3.7 B speakers

Couverture Linguistique Mondiale
Arabic: 315,421,300. M native Speakers
French: 279,821,930 M native speakers
English: 1,132,366,680 B native speakers
Spanish: 534,335,730 M native speakers
German: 132,176,520 M native speakers
Russian: 258,227,760 M native speakers
Chinese: 1,309,048,540 B native speakers
Turkish: 79,779,360 M native speakers

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Multidisciplinary team of professionals from diverse backgrounds.


All our service providers are obliged to sign a confidentiality charter before carrying out your projects.


On the quality of our achievements, we make no concessions.


All necessary measures are taken to meet delivery deadlines.


We adjust to your requirements through a diversified linguistics services.


Each business sector has a specific glossary to continue our partnership on solid foundations.

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