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The rapid and diversified growth of international trade, technological dissemination, and communications makes translation a very popular field today. Thus, Liaisons was created to bring its expertise and know-how to a sector with important strategic issues.

Rabelais once said: “time ripens and brings all things to maturity”, therefore, after 12 years of practice in the field of translation and interpreting, the time had come to create Liaisons to meet the demand of companies seeking a professional language service provider.

Thanks to its network of expert linguists who are immersed in their culture of origin, Liaisons guarantees quality translations and a conscientious language service in the 8 most spoken languages in the world.

Liaisons in numbers

The most important part of our mission is our commitment to providing you with the highest quality service. Thus, each project is assigned to linguists specialized in different languages ​​with in-depth knowledge in several sectors.

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Why Liaisons ?

Because for Liaisons:

Being a language service provider can not be improvised

That is why we have an efficient professional network.

Satisfying your language needs is a must

That is why we speak 8 languages: Arabic; German; English; Spanish; French; Turkish ; Chinese; Russian.

Your documents and information will be held strictly confidential

This is why we will sign a confidentiality charter with you.

We do not joke with quality

That is why our work is subjected to a rigorous quality process to ensure that the final product meets your expectations.

We want to build lasting relationships

That is why we offer appealing and stable pricing for the customer, we stay connected during the realization of the project, and we keep the customer informed of its progress if they wish so.

Your time is precious

That is why we spend all our time, to optimize yours.

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